10 Easy Yet Effective Tips to Clean Duplicate Data


The business world today has got technology advanced with most of the things depending on computers. The maximum amount of the data, important documents, and files in the enterprises are stored in computers. Every detail, which businesses think is important for their growth and other records is kept safe either in the online mode or in computer files. But keeping a large amount of customer and other data in the system at times creates a problem of ‘dedupe‘?

Now you must be thinking, what is ‘dedupe’?

This is nothing but a duplication of the database. Chances of database duplication increase with the amount of data saved in the computers. Further, over time it also creates a risk of incorrect data, which can cause a huge loss to the business both in terms of money and reputation. There are companies, which struggle with the duplicate data and spend a lot of time and money on fixing it to improve their performance. In companies with a large team of sales development people bringing in a huge database of customers for lead creation, chances of data duplication increase manifolds. The data collected with a lot of efforts and hard work at a point in time becomes bad data, from which the company needs to get rid as soon as possible.

Now just imagine a person checking all the information manually and deleting the duplicate information? Won’t it take him weeks or months to reach the desired results? If not months, it will definitely take them weeks to clean the mess and make the database useful for the organization.

What if, you don’t let that situation come? Yes, it is possible to minimize data duplication or dedupe by regularly cleaning the duplicate data. Here are 10 easy yet effective tips for the enterprises to keep their database clean.

  1. Training: Regular training to the sales team will minimize the chances of collecting similar customer information by different representatives. If the sales team knows the importance of correct and complete information, they will ensure that the CRM doesn’t gets filled with wrong and unwanted details. You can also use software using which the sales reps can get to know the list of customers along with other details, so that they don’t end up filling the same information again.
  2. Dedupe software: Chances of getting duplicate data with a large sales team are high. No matter how careful you are, over time the database duplication gets normal. Dedupe software is a great solution to tackle such situations. Data duplication software removes redundancies in the lists and database to ensure that you have a clean database.
  3. Monitoring: Consistent monitoring and measurement of the channels used by the team to collect data can help you minimize the chances of duplication. Apart from this, you should also keep an eye on bounce rate and dial-to-contact ratio to cleanse emails or other contact details. By deleting or correcting a small percentage of a huge number of duplicate email ids from your database, you can immensely improve the bounce rate. At times, mistakes in email ids or duplication prevent thousands of prospects from getting important emails.
  4. Leads vs. database: Define the object of collecting information in the beginning itself. The objective makes a lot of difference not just in the working techniques but also collecting the information. Further, it also helps you split up teams and assign them tasks. It will also make report making easier to keep a track of the performance of the employees as well as the organization.
  5. Make validation compulsory: Strictly ask employees to collect every important detail required to make your customer database strong. Regular validation of the information will motivate the reps to cross-check every field and fill it with correct information. It will minimize the chances of any field getting missed as the reps will have to answer the same during validation process.
  6. Data enrichment: Finding suitable data and then filling it in sheets manually is not just time consuming but also a tedious task. As the organization’s size grows, the need of data enrichment also increases. There are different data enrichment tools in the market, using which the companies can get many real-time benefits like reduced dependency on manual tasks, time saving and minimum chances of errors in the data.
  7. Dedicated admin: As the team size grows, the requirement of an admin also increases. A dedicated admin helps in improved productivity of the team with assurance of custom workflows and formulas. With the help of an admin, you can also create a well-defined process to collect and save data. Moreover, a dedicated admin for the reps also provides you actionable insights for improvement of performance and to reduce hold-ups.
  8. Align different department: As soon as you do it, the better it is for the organization. Coordination and alignment in different departments working on data collection can benefit the enterprise in many ways. Further, there should also be a defined process for all the departments with clear information of who is in charge of which type of data collection.
  9. Workflow rules: Keep your team updated about all the important activities through clearly defined workflow rules and timely notifications. It also ensures that no significant information gets unnoticed. For instance, a hot lead can get skipped or missed if the sales reps don’t get quick update of latest happenings or additions in the data. There can also be rules to mark the used data or leads to ensure that no other rep uses the same data.
  10. Repeat the cleaning process: Never feel satisfied with just one round of data cleaning. Keep improving the process of cleaning duplicate data with the help of advanced and tailored dedupe software.

There are a number of companies in the market offering different duplicate data cleaning tools and dedupe software. These advanced tools make data management and maintenance quick, easy and hassle free.  Investing in software is a great way to correct, clean, standardize and deduplicate the data.

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