5 Best Ideas for an Outdoor Anniversary Celebration in UAE

5 Best Ideas for an Outdoor Anniversary Celebration in UAE

Marriage anniversary is a time to add new freshness, warmth and love in your existing married relationship. It is a special moment for every couple as it reminds them of a long successful journey which has remained steady inspite of several ups and downs. While some couple may want to order anniversary gifts online for their partner, there are others who would like to go for an outdoor celebration in other countries. If you are actually planning an outdoor marriage anniversary celebration in UAE, here are the various things that can be enjoyed by you and your partner on this special moment.

Desert Safari- We have witnessed the city of Dubai as the place of high rise buildings and skyscrapers but it is also known for its vast expanse of desert. Enjoy the celebration of your marriage anniversary by going on a desert safari in UAE and spending a wonderful time with your partner. You can further enjoy a camel ride, perform stunts on a quad bike and perform various other activities on your special day.

Underwater diving- Explore the underwater marine world with your wife through underwater scuba diving experience. You can easily find the variety of fishes, turtles, sharks, crocodiles, sea horses and other aquatic life that can be found brimming with life at places like Dibba Rock, Zainab Wreck, Martini Rock and other such places. It will be a magical and rejuvenating experience for any married couple on their special day.

Shop together in biggest shopping malls- Looking for extraordinary anniversary gift ideas for your beloved wife? It is time to go on a shopping spree with your wife on the occasion of marriage anniversary. Visit the biggest malls located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other cities of UAE to get your desired international brands in an effortless manner. Some of the amazing shopping malls in UAE are The Dubai Mall, City Walk, Yas Mall, Mall of the Emirates and other such places. Further, you can also get amazing deals and discounts offered by various popular brands that can encourage you to shop carelessly.

Getting high in a pub- Groove and get high with your partner at some of the best pubs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to celebrate your marriage anniversary in an extraordinary manner. Try out some of the most amazing beers, scotches, cocktails, mocktails and other drinks till you both drop dead at your favorite pub. It will give you some of the best memories of your anniversary celebration which will be cherished for a longer time.

Dinner at an open sky restaurant- Spend a quality time together with your partner after you have spent the whole day in sight-seeing, shopping and other such activities. You need to book a special dinner table for you and your adorable wife at an open sky restaurant for the perfect celebration of marriage anniversary. Observe the glittering sky above you along with the romantic company of your partner and the best of foods and drinks on this special day.

Make the most of your marriage anniversary celebration by ordering anniversary gifts online or adopt these amazing tips for an outdoor celebration in UAE.


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