A Budget Vacation


Many, if not all people like to travel. Who wouldn’t love to go to a foreign place, interact with a different culture and way of life, see breathtaking views and eat an ‘alien’ kind of food? Traveling helps a person grow in a myriad of ways. However many of us at the same time are limited by our finances, as traveling does take a toll on your budget. But all is not lost, you can still visit a number of excellent places even if you are constrained in the financial department. The following list contains countries where you can live for $50 a day (sometimes less). You can save even more if you buy miles in bulk.


Both beautiful and extremely affordable, Cambodia is right at the top of the list when it comes to a budget friendly vacation. A nice hotel room with air-conditioning will set you back only 20 dollars, and the local food – quite delectable – costs around $2 a day. Even western food is available which costs on average $7.  In honesty, if you spend $50 a day for living in Cambodia, you live quite well, and while other places in the region are similar in expenses incurred, few rival the rugged and natural beauty of Cambodia.


China encapsulates the mystical land known as the Orient, full of history, intrigue and mysterious places. China is truly magical, and this is the reason why it is visited by millions each year. Home to hundreds of world renowned land marks, such as the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden Place, it offers a lot to the tourist. And the best part is, a visit to China does not leave a deep cut on the wallet. Rooms, especially in the countryside rarely cost more than $20 a day, meals stray between 2 to 5 dollars and local transportation less than a buck.


Thailand is famous worldwide as one of the best and most economical places for a vacation – it has it all; great natural beauty, tons of beaches, modern architecture and a nightlife teeming with excitement. Hotel rooms are between $6 and $10 a night, the local street food will cost $5 a day and beer about 2 bucks. Sightseeing activities usually cost $20, yes even those fantastic islands you see on travel brochures.


People equate going to Europe with a drain on their budget, and that is usually the case for many famous countries on that continent. However, people usually forget that there are cheaper options to visit Europe, such as Portugal. It has amazing sights, hospitable people and delicious food. Even some of the five star hotels are affordable in places like Lisbon. The average cost per day should not stray too far from $50.


Beaches of Goa, Metropolitan New Delhi, and the Taj Mahal at Agra all await you in this land which is really budget friendly. Unless you live lavishly, you’ll be hard-pressed to spend more than $50 a day.

Needless to point out, this article assumes that you are okay with living a bit thinly, this means not staying at the most lavish hotels and eating extravagant food. The aforementioned places offer this too, but the point is they offer great cheaper options as well. Again a reminder that you can also save money on travel if you buy miles in bulk.


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