How can exercise help after hip replacement surgery


Hip replacement surgery is the most crucial surgery one goes through. In order to build strength and avoid complications, one must increase the activity level gradually so that the movement of hip is also improved. During the hip problems, the legs also feel weak. That is why the regular exercise program is essential for the strengthening of your weakened leg muscles. Generally doctors advise to begin with light exercise and movement and eventually increase it to two to three times a day.

This is actually imperative because after bearing the cost of hip replacement surgery in India, one needs to put in an effort and rehabilitate themselves.

Why are exercises important to recuperate after hip replacement surgery?

In case of hip replacement or knee replacement surgery it is always recommended by the doctor to have a physical recuperation done afterwards. So it is always better not to brush it off and take it very seriously. Regular exercise is an essential part of recovery and recuperation. Once the strength around your muscles is built up you will get back to your normal routine activities easily and quickly.

There are a number of benefits of exercises after surgery. Few of them are listed as under:

  • Bring back the routine movement of your joint
  • Building up of strength in the muscles surrounding joint
  • Ease in swelling and pain
  • You can get back to your routine activities
  • Assistance with circulation, typically right after surgery, so that you don’t have issues with blood clots.

Kinds of rehabs

The doctors generally refer the patients to the physical therapist who may visit you once a week or regularly as per the duration decided. He would help you with certain workouts and exercises which would help in the improvement of span of movements of joints. You can also visit your physical therapist in order to continue your recuperation process and can also perform a few exercises of your own but then always in the guidance of your therapist.

You can get the rehabilitation and recuperation right after your surgery. For the movement, the doctor might not even wait and you might have to begin walking or standing at the very least in order to gain movement. You can try sitting on the bed or stand or even walk a few steps with assistance and it would help you feel better eventually. Your physical therapist would also give you a few exercises such as pumping your ankles or relaxing the thighs so you must always follow the instructions in order to improve your condition.

Once you get back home, after bearing the huge cost of hip replacement surgery in India it is your responsibility to increase your stamina and endurance. Try and exercise for at least 20-30 minutes in a day or even two to three times a day or as per what your doctor suggests. Walking is a great exercise and you may start with 5 minutes and go up to 30 minutes. Stay as active as you can as this is the road to recovery.


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