Top 6 Mobile Spy Apps for Androids Devices


The Android spy apps are one of the most popular cell phone gadgets these days. Everyone has their own Android phones these days and the user from all age groups are using the contemporary mobile phones no time ever before. Android phones provide users user-friendly interface and plenty of apps that can be downloaded from Android play store. The Android cell phones are equally popular among young kids and teens, employees and even the people that are in a relationship.

They use android cell phones, tablets and pads and which they like the most. People use these machines for so many purposes such as to send and received text messages, audio and video calls, shared media files such as photos and videos and plenty of other activities such as visiting apps and websites through cell phone browser. Therefore, since the use of Android phones is at their peak, the developers also have created that allow the user to spy on all kinds of android gadgets for parenting purposes, to monitor  employees activities in working hours and as well as to monitor the spouses. Let’s discuss the mobile spying apps for androids.

TheOneSpy for Androids

TOS is considered as the top mobile spy app among the spying apps in the world these days. It provides users to track the each and every single activity on the target Android phone. It has plenty of powerful features that are perfect and reliable in the business at the moment. It is the best cell phone spy app for androids when it comes to tracking the text messages, IM’s social media, remotely phone controller, TOS spy 360, bug their phone, view multimedia files, screenshots, live screen recording and last but not the least read emails of Gmail.

TOS android spying software provides users all the traditional and non-traditional features and it also provides user real-time monitoring of the target device activities. It is the best because of its powerful dozens of features, but when it comes to its price, it has very reasonable price but effective at the same time.


There is no doubt that it is also one of the best android phone tracking software. But irrespective of being it is the best smartphone spy app for androids, it is very expensive as compared to its competitors. Therefore, it is not for everyone, it has also plenty of robust features such as GPS location tracking, text messages spy, call recording and call listening, g, email tracking, social messaging apps spy, browsing history, phone bugging, remotely screenshots, and last but not the least view multimedia files. Mspy is the best for parenting, employees tracking and to make a relationship strong because it is also the best spying software when it comes to spouse tracking who are in a relationship.

MM Guardian

Install it on your android phone and also register it as the android parental control app on your child phone. It enables a user as SMS tracker, screen time limiter, and also allow the user to protect your android phone. The parent phone is also can be changed into parent portal this will allow the user to monitor and manage kids’ smartphones of the Android operating system. It also has the power to limit the kids and teens excessive cell phone usage. Just need to login into the parent app, that will behave as the parental portal by using the mail and password that was used as parental control child app. It has plenty powerful features such as SMS tracker, call tracker, web URL tracker, age-based filtering, app blocker and apps usage tracker.

Net Nanny

It is the tool user can use it for the enforcement on internet use and the user can use it on the certain span of time when the internet is connected to the target user android device. The user can impose limits on daily or weekly time limits in order to control the cumulative time of usage. The best feature the android spy app has ever introduced yet that is known as masking or blocking profanity. It prevents pornography on the target android cell phone, control access to fix the time limits, and on internet usage. It further allows user to send reports and alerts on your console or email. It also empowers user to create an individual users profiles. The only thing that lacks in the app is the ability to track the employees and spouse activities. But it is the best app for spying kids’ android phone.

Kids Place

It is actually a parental control spy app for androids phones. It is also an app launcher alongside the parental control and child lock that secure the private data within the target Android phone. It further allows users to restrict the kids from certain inappropriate apps to the fullest. It also provides users additional parental control on the particular websites such as content filtering such as videos and photos through the plugin based designs. The application has the best state of the art features, but it only for the protection of young kids and teens and for the data stored within the android phones.

Truth Spy

It is among the best android cell phone spying apps. It has features that enable a user to get their hands on all the activities happen on the phone to the fullest. It has some best features that make it quite famous among the top cell phone spying apps for android phones. It has features such as text messages, email and SMS monitoring, Mobile phone call tracking, GPS location, camera access, social media activity tracking, entire internet activity report and location tracking of android phones.


All the mentioned cell phone spy apps for androids are the best among all, but when it comes to the best of the best, TheOneSpy cell phone spying app stand no.1.


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